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ISO 9001:2008 Certification: Impact of R1MC Scientific Research

Joseph Roland O. Mejia, MD

Adolfo D. Solis,MD

Medical Education

Psychological Trauma and Critical Incedent Debriefing

Ricardo Sotelo Guanzon, MD

Arnel R. Gerard Gazmen, MD

Case Reports

Cor Triatriatum Dextrum

John Michael T. Gonzales, MD

Artur R. Pitargue, MD

Vein of Galen Malformation

Roa Joy De Guzman, MD

Adolfo Solis, MD

Prophylactic Mastectomy in a Breast Cancer Patient with

Contralateral Axillary Lymphnode Metastasis

Diana S. Austria, MD

Rodrigo D. Segui, MD

Original Researches

Efficacy of 130/.4 Hydroxythel Starch versus 20% Human Albumin

Infusion in Nephrotic Syndrome Children with Edema

  Judith N. Quijardo , MD

Marvin Callanta, MD

Reproductiive Views of Young Pregnant Teens

Consulting at R1MC Ob-Gyne OPD

Caryl Queen Vallejos, MD

Rico Reyes, MD

Multi Center Study of Primary Care Services rendered among

Pangasinan Patient using the John Hopkins University - Starfield

PCAT Consumer/Client Survey (Adult - Short version)

Ricardo Stello Guanzon, MD

Joseph Roland O. Mejia, MD

Rhoderic B. Fama, MD

Ma. Joni Perez Ilustrisimo