Table of Contents




 Universal Health Care

Joseph Roland Mejia, MD and Ricardo Gunazon, MD



Special Article


Counseling the Person Living with HIV/AIDS

Ricardo Sotelo Guanzon, MD and Arnel Gerard Gazmen, MD


Case Report


Amoebic Pericarditis

Mary Ann decena, MD and Arthur Pitargue, MD


Quality Improvement (Nursing)


The Level of Satisfaction of Nursing Care in the Region 1 Medical Center ICU

along the Physical, Emotional and Psychological Domains

Constancia Bonao-Tumanan, RN, MPH, MAN; Maria Paz Sison-Santos, RN; Geraldine

Gonzales Torio, RN; Maria Virginia Tadeo-Ducutan, RN; Ralph Vincent G. Balolong, RN


Original Researches


The Efficacy of Bacterial and Yeast Probiotics Versus Placebo The Duration of

Hospital Stay Among Children Admitted for Acute Diarhea at R1MC

Xyla B. Tugunayo. MD and Perfecto Soriano, MD



The Leading Causes of OPD consultation at R1MC: A 10-month review (2012)

Lucille Oropilla, MD and Rhoderic Fama, MD


Early Feeding after Appendectomy, a Prospective Study

Joie R. Recel, MD and Rodrigo R. Segui, MD


Prevelance of Glucose-6-Phospate Dehydrogenase Defiecency by Newborn

Screening in Pangasinan: A Multicenter Study

Thea A. Panoceno and Agnes Dimaano, MD


Neurodevelopment Assesment of Children Born to Mothers with Preeclampsia

Ivy Ico-Palma, MD and Richard Ronald Cacho, MD


The Clinical Profile and Ouotcome of Acute Jathorpha Poisoning Among patients admitted

at Region 1 Medical Center: An 11-Year Restropective Study (2001-2011)

Kristina Cecelia Esperanza, MD


Attitudes and Knowlwge og Pregnant Women towards HIV screening As a Routine Parental Workshop

Michelle Dominica D. Palma, MD and Yvonne Nacis-Somera, MD 


Quality Assurance


Understanding the R1MC Implementation of ISO Quality Management System (QMS)

Jocelyn C. de Guzman, MD, FPPS


Ethical Issues


Physiology of the Ethics Review Board

Hilariom H, Maramba Jr., MD